A closer look at the production:

We have a number of specialized machine tools in our machine park,
the work of some of them can be seen in the video clips below:

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CNC automatic lathe - Centauro T-90.

The perfect machine for the production of turned legs not only for sofas but also for tables, balusters, lamp bases and the like.
The machine has a computer that allows for quick design of turned elements. Thanks to this, it does not require making templates of sheet metal or a model element. The turning tool movements are electronically controlled, which ensures high quality and identical representation of each turned element with accuracy measured in tenths of a millimeter. The change of the desired profile is done instantly, by selecting the appropriate file with the project. The maximum turning length is 1600mm. The maximum turning diameter is 250mm. All knife movements, speeds and the number of passes, etc. are programmed by drawing a profile in a dedicated software.

We currently have two such machines, so the production of large series of turned elements is not a problem for us.

Automatic lathe - Hempel HH5.

This machine is able to produce over 300 pieces of wooden legs with simple shapes per hour.
The machine comes with a standard magazine for elements to be processed. It is possible to control the feed and return speed of the turning tools.
Hempel HH5 can operate in a cyclic mode (automaton mode) and a single pass.

The advantage is the quick production of exactly the same copies of a given element mapped to the template.

Carousel Milling Machine - RYE.

A machine designed for the repetitive production of large quantities of wooden elements (mainly chair legs).

Equipped with a turntable with a diameter of 130 cm with 8 processing stations, thanks to which the work on this machine consists only in placing the input material and removing ready elements without stopping the table.

Each station is equipped with a pneumatic clamp that works completely maintenance-free in automatic mode.
Adjustable feed rates allow you to speed up or slow down the milling operation, which allows you to easily calculate the time needed to mill a given batch of elements.

Automatic grinder for turned feet - Hempel.

The machine is designed for grinding straight turned legs made on Hempel automatic lathes or other lathes.

It has 10 replaceable spindles, thanks to which, it allows grinding up to ten feet at the same time.
Adjustable rotational speeds, and the possibility of placing six different grit sizes of sandpaper, allow you to grind countless feet without much effort for the grinder.

Our machine park currently has two such automatic grinding machines,
so grinding large batches of turned legs is not a challenge for us.

Video clip will be placed soon.

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